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F1 Telecommunications: Mercedes AMG Petronas & Tata Communications

F1 Telecommunications: Mercedes AMG Petronas & Tata Communications

Excerpt from the Press release below:
Tata Communications, a leading global provider of ‘ A New World of Communications’, will work closely with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS to deliver high-speed, high quality and secure trackside connectivity, enabling the team to transfer vital real-time data from the Silver Arrow cars at any Grand Prix location to its headquarters in the UK, three times faster than at present. The improved trackside connectivity will enable the team to react more quickly to developments at the track and help to increase car performance.

Ross Brawn, Team Principal at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS commented: “We are delighted to have agreed our new team partnership with Tata Communications. Formula One® relies on data and the ability to transfer our data from the track back to our factories in Brackley and Brixworth quickly and securely. The Tata Communications global network will play a key role in the team’s performance and our ability to react over the race weekends. That we will now be able to achieve our data transfer requirements three times faster is fantastic. Having Tata Communications on-site at the race track to work with the team will be a big asset in our demanding and fast-paced environment, and we look forward to developing a close working relationship with them as we strive to achieve our ambitions in Formula One®.”

Mehul Kapadia, Managing Director, F1 Business, Tata Communications said: “The modification and improvement of car set-up and handling is a constant during the race season, and being able to share richer data and to report issues back from trackside to the factory in real-time provides a competitive edge in car performance, both in speed and also in handling and stability. Providing three times faster connectivity for MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS via Tata Communications’ global network means that the team has access to secure and agile trackside connectivity regardless of race location – it showcases our expertise and speed to lead when it comes to global connectivity, and reinforces our ongoing commitment to technology innovation within Formula One®.”

Part of the worldwide Tata group, Tata Communications owns and maintains a complete ring of cables around the world including the world’s first wholly-owned subsea fibre ring to circle the globe. The Tata Communications global network comprises over 500,000 km of subsea cable and over 200,000 km of terrestrial network fibre, allowing a data transfer capacity of one terabit per second, high bandwidth availability and seamless scalability. In February 2012, Tata Communications announced a multi-year technology service and marketing agreement with Formula One Management to deliver world-class connectivity to all Formula One® race locations over its world-first wholly-owned subsea fibre ring. It also provides global hosting and content delivery services to the official Formula One® website


Team Spirit: Scuderia Ferrari and Tata Consultancy Services

Team Spirit: Scuderia Ferrari and Tata Consultancy Services

What Tata Consultancy Services and Scuderia Ferrari are working together on is simple. The work is on the technology front in Formula 1 covering the specialist domains of Engineering Design, Digital Advisory, Software Development, Digital Manufacturing and Data & Product Lifecycle Management systems. The aim is to improve the probability of Scuderia Ferrari winning races and the certainty of building beautiful Cars. Of course lots and lots and lots of work goes behind all the above.

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Fan of Brabham BT46 B

And Just in case you want to revisit the Fan Car. Watch how Gordon Murray put it together. Of course it real quick and held the car to the track, but it spat rocks at drivers behind it. The End.

McLaren HONDA MP4/6 at Twin Ring Motegi Circuit, Japan

The McLaren HONDA MP4/6 is what has been on my mind for the past few days. It took 8 Grand Prix wins, 10 pole positions and scored 148 points in its career. Sponsored by Marlboro and of course a Honda. Though I still find the Honda-Brabhams Fan Car more ingenious.

Gerhard Berger – McLaren MP4/6 – 1991

This is my Formula 1 Image of the day!

One Image F1

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