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Formula 1™ will not lose out on the emerging Indian Motor(Sports) market | Follow F1™


F1 Boss, Bernie Ecclestone, announced today that the Indian Grand Prix is in doubt for 2014. With a cap of 20 races next year and 3 new races confirmed there have been a lot of speculations on which circuits will go missing on the 2014 calendar. I will not go into discussing which circuits that will be dropped but will certainly put forward a few thoughts on why the Indian Grand Prix is definitely on for a long time to come.


Let’s break this down, shall we?


a. India is an emerging market on the globe. If you lose in India you, well, lose.


b. It is significant importance that the Sports market (which is monopolistic with cricket) opens up to other global sports like FIFA, Olympics and Formula 1.


c. Now two things can happen, either India continues being “Very Political” and indulges in an inner battle of sorts, or the nation comes together and opens up to the global sports market. The latter has higher probability.


d. Now, coming to Formula 1 in India, No, lets look at the bigger picture and say ‘Motorsports’ in India. 3 Circuits, 1.2 Billion people. Like gabbar of Bollywood says: ‘Bahut nainsafi hai’ (This is absolute injustice). Europe on the other hand has 733 Million people and ~80 circuits. The air in half glass empty being that this is a humongous opportunity for any sport, and Formula 1 is the choice due to the nation’s steadfast opinion on the sport.


e. Formula 1 not only opens up the sport’s market, but also opens up supporting markets like Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and the Luxury market. India’s luxury market will grow at 25% YoY.


f. Now coming to the most important point, the Indian automobile market and it’s relationship with Formula 1. After lots of thought, I see all the significant automobile manufacturer’s in India developing their brands through  ‘Formula 1’ associations, these could range from sponsorship to technological tie-ups and even track infrastructure ownership.


g. I’m going to stop for now.


Needless to say, Ecclestone has ventured into the Asian markets with an intent to establish the sport, I see no reason any of the asian races would be dropped.  Sure there will be disagreements but India is most certainly now a part of the F1 Family.





Sound of the Future: Renault releases their 2014 F1 V6 sound

Edited F1 Technical report:
Rob White, deputy managing director at Renault Sport F1 noted: ‘‘The sound of the engine is the sum of three principal components, exhaust, intake and mechanical noise. On fired engines, exhaust noise dominates, but the other two sources are not trivial and would be loud if the exhaust noise was suppressed and contribute to the perceived sound of the engines in the car.

‘‘All three sources are still present on the V6. At the outset, there is more energy in each combustion event but there are fewer cylinders turning at lower speed and both intake and exhaust noise are attenuated by the turbo. Overall, the sound pressure level (so the perceived volume) is lower and the nature of the sound reflects the new architecture.

‘‘The car will still accelerate and decelerate rapidly, with instant gearshifts. The engines remain high revving, ultra high output competition engines. Fundamentally the engine noise will still be loud. It will wake you from sleep, and circuit neighbours will still complain. The engine noise is just a turbocharged noise rather than a normally aspirated noise: you can just hear the turbo when the driver lifts off the throttle and the engine speed drops.”

‘‘I am sure some people will be nostalgic for the sound of engines from previous eras, including the preceding V8, but the sound of the new generation Power Units is just different. It’s like asking whether you like Motorhead or AC/DC. Ultimately it is a matter of personal taste. Both in concert are still pretty loud.’’

Energy F1

Energy F1

Will India continue to be a single-sport nation?

So this is the dream. India has been a single sport nation since time immemorial. Can this change? Well of course it can. Anything can.

This blog is an initiative to share my interest and love for India and Motorsport, primarily Formula 1.

This may sound stupid or not-so-stupid based on your inclination. If it is the latter please do share your comments. I’m open to inputs and collaborations.

I intend to start off with a good knowledge base. Posts will be up every weekend.

If there is anything you think will add value and want to share, you can write to sait.fuzail@gmail.com

Lets do this!

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